vendredi 29 août 2014

MOVIE NIGHT! Everyone Says I Love You

Woody Allen is the type of director loved in Paris. 
In general, his movies are about people asking too many questions and being miserable.
My being french allows me to say such a thing and it is said in "Love and Other Disasters" all the same: "nobody goes at the movies for real life, except maybe the french."
This movie is actually happy and fun. The main warning I have to give you is that this is a musical.
A crowd of famous (or soon to be famous) actors see their stories interwind and build up together.
They all have to sing their piece including Woody Allen himselfwho gives quite the interpretation of "I'm through with love".
If you know a little about Woody Allen, you are probably aware of the fact that he plays the clarinette and that he is a jazz aficionado. 
One of his trade mark, in many of his movies, is the white small fonts onto a black background for his credits with some jazz music playing.
There is nothing surprising, then, for his musical to be a jazz one. I particularly enjoy the character of the grand father of the family. He has the oddest and maybe funniest of personalities.

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