mercredi 6 août 2014

BLOG: Devotion

When you start having a relationship with anyone, you need to remember it is a two way street whether you are tremendously happy or just feeling complete.
You open yourself and no matter how objective you pretend to be, you tend to loose that objectivity. Then develops a type of devotion from one party for the other. This is one of the reasons why you need a friend or two. If you live your entire existence in between work and your one and only, you will be blinded to your own devotion.

I am not talking about loving less or lowering what you have but simply remember who you are through it all and in stade of defining yourself through others defining yourself for you. It makes more sense but it doesn't mean you lost it yet. The freedom of the other one is essential to the well being of the couple however the couple's actions and going around should not revolve only around one of the members.

The other one would then feel isolated and miserable. No one defines him or herself through the others and if they, at one point, do, then they will come to the conclusion that they never defined themselves for their own self and the fall will be even worse.
Find a balance and talk.

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