lundi 11 août 2014

BEAUTY: Jojoba Oil by Crabtree & Evelyn

Jojoba oil is a very rich and renewing product which I often use as a strong masque before going to bed when my skin gets less stretchy and dry.
This is the reason why I thought getting this set.

As usual let's just start by saying that these products have a classic scent of herbs, citrus and woods and by "classic" I mean that it reminds me a little bit of the elder scents and smells which you get from ancient perfume houses and Penhaligon.

This set comes with a body wash, a very nourishing soap and a body lotion.

Nothing exiting to say about the body wash. It foams well and nourishes a little but you will still need to moisturize after your bath or shower unless you also use a shower oil afterwords.

The body lotion is enriched with sweet almond and oat extract to make it as nourishing as it gets for a normal body lotion. To get anything richer, you would have to go for a body butter.

The soap is a triple-milled made with both jojoba oil and shea butter which for a soap makes it non-drying and nourishing.

Though I enjoyed using these products, I won't change my shower and skincare routine for them as they really weren't as nourishing as I thought they could have been.

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