lundi 25 août 2014

BEAUTY: Beautiful Legs

Main issue for most women: Legs versus summer.

You have several ways to do. 
Tanning is the obvious summer answer to it. The problem you may encounter is that the sun can be relunctant to show itself.Than you also have to take in consideration self tanning (non orange) options which can be tricky to find.

One last minute option is glittering up. When it is nice outside, it is easy to find tinted and shimmery moisturizer. It won't make you really tan looking and it might get trickier to wear white garments, but it is efficient. What you see when you first apply it often ends up being what you get in the long run.
However, with any product, just like with make up, there are many elements which can get oxydised by being in contact with your skin for a certain amount of time.

 So another easy tip to follow for beautiful legs on a day out (not for the beach though), you can powder you legs with a chea bronzer or terracotta. Go easy on it, you don't want two carottes as legs. But it will hide the small flaws, veins and stretch marks you would want to cover up.

Watch out though! When you apply glitters onto your legs, keep in mind that rather than making them look perfect, it will catch the light and attention of people.

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