vendredi 4 juillet 2014

MOVIE NIGHT!: The Prince & The Showgirl

This movie feels like a play and the quality of the acting is equal to what you can expect from the theater. It is actually based on a stage play under the name of The Sleeping Prince.
The story is the one of a little showgirl who tickles the fancy of a prince regent from an fictional eastern Europe country, Carpathia. 
The Prince Regent played by Laurence Olivier is quite unable to seduce women 
and inviting this woman over to his hotel and bedazzle her with nice champagne 
and fancy interior is his view of seduction. 
Elsie (played by Marilyn Monroe) actually reveals to be a smart woman
and expected there to be a party at the Prince's.
This situation turns into a fun interview in between the Prince and The showgirl
which will last much than the Prince intended it to but our pleasure.
Of all the movies which Marilyn, this one shows a real talent as a comedian 
and really smart in the end.
For aher best dramatic role though I would advice Bus Stop in which she 
plays beautifully a lost and depressed singer.

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