mardi 1 juillet 2014

HOME: Customed Electronics

I like my surroundings to be colorful and happy. More than a projection of my thoughts on the outside it is a therapy from the outside in.
When I was young the first I Book came out at the same time as
the second brand of I Macs. This edition was colorful and fun.
The tints were fluorescent and bright.
However, since then came the era of the sleek
and the clean, silver black or white...
Not really "fun" enough to my taste, so I went a bit crazy
with stickers and fabric tapes. onto my MacBook.
The same sort of "transformation" I applied onto my phone
and as a cover for it I found this cute little present bag at I Am.
Final addition to my colorfulness of electronics is my tablet.
Homemade sticker, tea party themed and liberty fabric tape.
All of this somehow reminds me of Alice in Wonderland: Happy.

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