jeudi 31 juillet 2014

FOOD: My Favorites Teas

This is not the first time I have been talking about teas to you
but I have started to get into this beverage around 3 years ago and 
I love it. When I forget to drink my daily dose of water, this really helps.
My first favorite is a brand I learned about
while going to Naturalia; Les Jardins de Gaia.
This organic collection of teas is subtle and strong and really nice.
I would recommend especially the white tea from their line.
Once again, here is a white tea.
The English Tea Shop (organic) is available at
Monoprix and has all kinds of perfumed teas and infusions.
Here are my two favorites.
I know many criticism could be said about Lipton teas
but this specific green tea is amazing!
It is a drinkable dessert.
Finally if you feel like classic, comforting
and cheap while being good teas; I highly recommend Hema's.
They are very nice and you can really see leaves
 within the muselin pyramids.

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