jeudi 3 juillet 2014

Food In Paris: Le Lutèce

If you feel like ordering a nice croque monsieur or maybe even madame...? 
   If you plan on going around Saint Michel one of these days I would definitely recommend you to go to Le Lutèce for a nice café gourmand or a fast meal. Just like many of my recommendations for Bistrots, they are all about efficiency, service quality and most importantly, good food.

   This particular café is exactly what you need when you are looking for when you are walking around Paris or when you want a break from anything bad or annoying which might have happened during your day. If it has been the case, I highly recommend you to get a café gourmand.

   The café gourmand in général in a parisian café is often on the menu and is a good alternative to ordering an actual dessert. This café, at le Lutèce comes with a selection in small portions of the desserts presented onto the daily menu.

8 Boulevard Saint-Michel
75006 Paris

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