mardi 8 juillet 2014

FASHION: Forever 21 Haul

Before leaving for South West of France, I went out for the sales at Forever 21.
Here are the items I found and enjoy.
A nice little Tweety crop Top with a swimmer's back.
A flowery and plaid pair of shorts with a pleated front.
A loose mousseline tank top with lavender flowers
 onto a dark blue background.
A pair of harem pants with a colorful tribal pattern.
A playsuit with a similar pattern of crosses and
rectangles in a varied range of blues.
A lovely cotton airy white dress with small blue flowers.
This little dress is to sleep in but I feel I will dear to wear it with
 a pair of leggings and a belt during the warmest days.
And a red roses playsuit in a black thick stretchy material.

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