mercredi 30 juillet 2014

BLOG: Why Do I Love Pinterest

Many websites have pictures, infos or tutorials.
Pinterest reminds of the way I was using the internet and 
my computer when I started on it.
It has everything interesting and linked...
Yes, I am just describing the system of Pinterest but it is the principle which is really important to specify to compare it to any other social network around.
When many bloggers tend to say Pinterest is for elder people, I agree.
It reminds people of an older fashion to keep informations, 
making folders and folders about things and ideas.
My own Pinterest is all about things I like, ideas of things
to create and memories. I can spend a long time without going on it for a while and
also spend ages roaming around the pictures and ideas on it.
If you are not hooked yet you should give it a try.

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