jeudi 10 juillet 2014

BLOG: What is it with Skydiving?

   What some people tend to picture skydiving as a weird and dangerous hobby. It is. Weird, I am not so sure but dangerous, obviously and we cannot stop thinking about it, when we practice this discipline. One of the most important "gain" I got from skydiving and being around skydivers is friendships: people you meet, who are very close from you and your vision of "life".

   I guess it is a factor which often occurs when you practice extreme sports but I have never experienced it anywhere else. Friendship is a logical and natural thing considering the risk within skydiving. Everything is calculated, estimated, thought of. However, never ignored.
   Just like surfing and skying, we really can chill and enjoy fully.

   When you live in a city, go to work and go to bed, your life can be stressful and tiresome without even you really noticing it. When you practice a special activity and if you do it far from where you are use to live, it adds even more freedom and you enjoying yourself.

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