lundi 7 juillet 2014

BEAUTY: A Beauty Diet...?

When you love make up and write about them, 
it takes will and special conditions to start a beauty diet.
The most important thing to start with is to space out your going shopping.
I have come to feel that being in a big town and having internet shops on which you can waste/use your money at all time of the day and night, is a dangerous thing. 

I don't even mean to talk about money and
 the fact that you either waste it or not but it is more that you have too many beauty products and you end up not using them and ending up with many out of date palettes and skincare products.

The first thing to do is to go through your collection and try to find a way to put them all at the same "level" and in the same place in your cupboard or where ever you lay out your make up.
If you see all of it, you will be more aware of the amount you have and of the possibilities you got.
An other way to go is to try to grab a different palette or product every day.
This way, you know the number of things you can do and styles you can go with with what you already own.

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