jeudi 31 juillet 2014

FOOD: My Favorites Teas

This is not the first time I have been talking about teas to you
but I have started to get into this beverage around 3 years ago and 
I love it. When I forget to drink my daily dose of water, this really helps.
My first favorite is a brand I learned about
while going to Naturalia; Les Jardins de Gaia.
This organic collection of teas is subtle and strong and really nice.
I would recommend especially the white tea from their line.
Once again, here is a white tea.
The English Tea Shop (organic) is available at
Monoprix and has all kinds of perfumed teas and infusions.
Here are my two favorites.
I know many criticism could be said about Lipton teas
but this specific green tea is amazing!
It is a drinkable dessert.
Finally if you feel like classic, comforting
and cheap while being good teas; I highly recommend Hema's.
They are very nice and you can really see leaves
 within the muselin pyramids.

mercredi 30 juillet 2014

BLOG: Why Do I Love Pinterest

Many websites have pictures, infos or tutorials.
Pinterest reminds of the way I was using the internet and 
my computer when I started on it.
It has everything interesting and linked...
Yes, I am just describing the system of Pinterest but it is the principle which is really important to specify to compare it to any other social network around.
When many bloggers tend to say Pinterest is for elder people, I agree.
It reminds people of an older fashion to keep informations, 
making folders and folders about things and ideas.
My own Pinterest is all about things I like, ideas of things
to create and memories. I can spend a long time without going on it for a while and
also spend ages roaming around the pictures and ideas on it.
If you are not hooked yet you should give it a try.

mardi 29 juillet 2014


I love what H&M did throughout their "Home" line
 and I wanted to share my favorite pieces with you
(and as usual keep these on here for myself even).
These pieces more than being pretty they are
fairly cheap.
If you know another line of home decor which really speaks to you
please do tell me about it in the comments.

lundi 28 juillet 2014

BEAUTY: Ciaté Beach House Nail Polishes

Today is all about nails and the Beach house colletcion by Ciaté.
It includes 5 nail polishes especially 4 proper nail polishes
and one shimmery and glittery golden topcoat (Party Shoes).
- Pepperminty is a classic mint green which reminds me of a 
lighter version of Little Duck by Tanya Burr.
- Knickerboker Glory is a bold fushia.
- Hopscotch is an orange coral which allows to wear 
a shade fun and less agressif than a red.
- Amazing Gracie is a light soft and powdery pink.
The "cleanest" and best finish nail polish ever!
Amazing Gracie

vendredi 25 juillet 2014

READ: Three Men In A Boat

One of the first "grown up" fun book I read.
Books used to be dreary and, though magnificent, rarely fun. Three Men In A Boat is a very amusing book. It tells the story of three men and a dog who, to live a little bit of adventure and rest, start a trip on the Thames.
These men all have particularities and fun personalities which leads them in many odd and awkward situations.
If you were looking for adventures and english humor, it a classic made for you!

jeudi 24 juillet 2014

RECIPE: Chili Con Carne

 The ingredients for this recipe can vary depending on the recipe and the person's tastes.
However, a few basics need to be in the recipe to make it right and rightfully called a Chili Con Carne.


1tbsp of olive oil
1kg of mince beef
5 chopped tomatoes
3tsp of tomato purée
800g of kidney beans
3 onions
1/2 tsp of cinnamon
salt and pepper to your taste
1 pinch of sugar


- Place the oil and onions in a saucepan with a lid.
- Stir until the onions softens
- Add the mince meat on high heat until brown.
- Put on low heat and add the rest of the ingredients 
while stirring.
- Place the lid on and let the mixture simmer 
for more than an hour, stirring once in a while.


mercredi 23 juillet 2014

BLOG: My little Internet History

I have spent an awful long time on the Internet since I managed to have access to it.
I started to write a blog more than ten years ago on Myspace. For those of you reading me who are too young to even remember what myspace was just keep in mind there were several platforms before the creation of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

        I always wanted to write and writing on blogs. As you noticed if you read my articles, every now and then, I am anything but consistant. It isn't because I don't enjoy my blog but sometimes, the internet connection wherever I am isn't always the best.
       From September onwards it should be getting better and faster (stronger...)

mardi 22 juillet 2014


We are halfway through summer and sales are 
one to get the trend for festivals and beachwear.
Here are a few clothes from Topshop, Boohoo & Newlook.
Special mention to kimonos this season.

lundi 21 juillet 2014

BEAUTY: Tarocco Orange by Crabtree & Evelyn

Today is about a collection by Crabtree & Evelyn again.
Here is my article about the Lavender collection & the Pomegranate one.
This set includes a hand cream, 
a bath and shower gel & a body lotion.

The Hand Cream is very moisturizing and rich vitamin E.
The Shower Gel is very invigorating thanks to the citrusy scent.
It is the type of gel which really is awesome
 in the mornings to wake you up.
Finally the Body Lotion is refreshing and not at all sugary 
or "girly".
Once again, be warn that this line is more for women than
younger girls.

vendredi 18 juillet 2014

TV NIGHT!: Sitcoms I Enjoy #1

Though, as many of you, I am not the biggest fan of the laughs 
in the background of these shows but the jokes and slapstick humor is awesome.
If I don't know what to watch I what these old school sitcoms:
That 70's show
A bunch of teens in the middle of Wisconsin
try to find things to do.
I feel like I should not give a pitch for this one.
Malcolm In The Middle
A very intelligent kid growing up within a demented family.
The Nanny
A door-to-door beauty products seller
gets hired as a nanny by a rich british Broadway producer.
Will & Grace
The stories of a straight girl and a gay guy
 who are best friends and their friends.

jeudi 17 juillet 2014

Food In Paris: Le Nemours

When you walk around Paris for the first time,
there always is a moment when you have to go to the Louvre and to do so there is a very good chance for you to go to Palais Royal.
This café must have been the fastest service I ever got and the coffee was excellent.

2 Galerie de Nemours
75001 Paris

mercredi 16 juillet 2014

FRENCH: "Pendant Les Vacances, avec mon grand-père..."

   Il y a un certain temps de cela , quand j'étais petite, on avait pas la télé à la maison. Mais mes grands parents l'avaient. Bien sûr, cela voulait dire que je n'arrêtais pas de regarder les dessins animés et le club Dorothée. Cependant, quand ma grand mère était adepte des jeux télévisés, mon grand père aimait le Tour de France. Chacun y va de sa petite opinion dessus mais, pour moi, le souvenir de le regarder même quelque fois sans le regarder, c'est mon grand père.

   Je ne l'avais pas regarder depuis des années mais là que je suis ici, au para-club, et que le temps n'était pas toujours au beau fixe, j'ai pu regarder les premières étapes et j'avais un ami pour m'expliquer de nouveau. Je crois qu'il n'a pas tord quand il dit qu'il y a une certaine "dramaturgie" à cet évènement et une fois que vous commencer à suivre, vous êtes happés.

   Pour moi, ça sent bon les vacances quand le tour commence.

mardi 15 juillet 2014

HOME: Muji Pillows

For those of you who follow me both here and on Facebook, 
you have seen my my love for Muji and Hema.
As I went on location to promote my skywear brand a little bit,
I needed a hanger for hangers. To find one which would be of good quality and efficient,
I went directly to Muji.  And as we were walking through the shop,
We both found a pillow for our respective bums.
This one is my bf's.
It is very soft though its texture feels a little bit grainy.
Mine is more like the classic memory foam without
an odd feel to it.

lundi 14 juillet 2014

BEAUTY & READ: Bobby Brown Beauty Manual

If you want to know everything there is to know about make up and the How-To's of everything and anything.
I took it within my summer kindle collection of books and I now want to get the real (paper) version. Just like it is practical to have a recipe book into its "physical form", this book is the encyclopedia of applying make up and creating yourself a face.
If you are looking for a cute book along the same lines, you may get Beauty by Lauren Conrad. It feels like a book a tiny bit less precise and exhaustif.

vendredi 11 juillet 2014

MUSIC: Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette

This is one of my "youth" album. 
One of these albums which maid me the way I am today.
It might sound a bit odd and special to the classic pop rock listener.
I feel that the grunge/angry rock vibe makes this album a legend.

jeudi 10 juillet 2014

RECIPE: Eclair Au Chocolat

To make a chocolate éclair or any éclair for that matter, 
you have to to do it in three stages:
the pâte à choux, the filling and the glaze.
First, the pâte à choux:
You will need
1 tea spoon of caster sugar
a pinch of sea salt
100g of flour (plain)
50g of unsalted butter
4 tablespoon of water
4 table spoon of whole milk
4 medium eggs beaten

How to
- Preheat your oven at 170 °C.
- Place the water, milk, sugar salt and butter in a saucepan 
over high heat and bring it to a boil.
- Turn the heat to medium and beat the mixture for a minute.
- Take the pan off the heat, add in the eggs while stirring.
- Fill in a piping bag and let it set for a few minutes
 before piping the éclairs.
- Pipe onto cooking sheet 12 éclairs of approximately 15 cm.
- Place them in the oven for 30 minutes (until they are golden brown)

Second, the filling:
You will need
20g of cooking dark chocolate
450g of crème patissière
1 table spoon of sifted cacao powder

How to
- Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan 
filled with simmering water.
- Pour this chocolate and the cacao powder into the crème patissière.
-Let it set for 30 minutes.
- Whisk the filling before filling for éclairs.
- Pierce underneath your choux 3 to 4 times
- Pipe the filling in it with a 0.5 cm nozzle onto a piping bag.

Lastly, the glaze:
You will need
200g of white fondant icing
2 tea spoons of water
1 tea spoon of cacao powder

How to
- Warm up the fondant a little in a pan
 (until it reaches around 40 degrees)
- Add the cacao powder and the water.
-Place the mixture into a piping bag with a 1 cm nozzle.
-Pipe the glaze on top of each eclair.
-Place in the fridge to let the glaze set.

--- Eat ---

BLOG: What is it with Skydiving?

   What some people tend to picture skydiving as a weird and dangerous hobby. It is. Weird, I am not so sure but dangerous, obviously and we cannot stop thinking about it, when we practice this discipline. One of the most important "gain" I got from skydiving and being around skydivers is friendships: people you meet, who are very close from you and your vision of "life".

   I guess it is a factor which often occurs when you practice extreme sports but I have never experienced it anywhere else. Friendship is a logical and natural thing considering the risk within skydiving. Everything is calculated, estimated, thought of. However, never ignored.
   Just like surfing and skying, we really can chill and enjoy fully.

   When you live in a city, go to work and go to bed, your life can be stressful and tiresome without even you really noticing it. When you practice a special activity and if you do it far from where you are use to live, it adds even more freedom and you enjoying yourself.

mardi 8 juillet 2014

FASHION: Forever 21 Haul

Before leaving for South West of France, I went out for the sales at Forever 21.
Here are the items I found and enjoy.
A nice little Tweety crop Top with a swimmer's back.
A flowery and plaid pair of shorts with a pleated front.
A loose mousseline tank top with lavender flowers
 onto a dark blue background.
A pair of harem pants with a colorful tribal pattern.
A playsuit with a similar pattern of crosses and
rectangles in a varied range of blues.
A lovely cotton airy white dress with small blue flowers.
This little dress is to sleep in but I feel I will dear to wear it with
 a pair of leggings and a belt during the warmest days.
And a red roses playsuit in a black thick stretchy material.

lundi 7 juillet 2014

BEAUTY: A Beauty Diet...?

When you love make up and write about them, 
it takes will and special conditions to start a beauty diet.
The most important thing to start with is to space out your going shopping.
I have come to feel that being in a big town and having internet shops on which you can waste/use your money at all time of the day and night, is a dangerous thing. 

I don't even mean to talk about money and
 the fact that you either waste it or not but it is more that you have too many beauty products and you end up not using them and ending up with many out of date palettes and skincare products.

The first thing to do is to go through your collection and try to find a way to put them all at the same "level" and in the same place in your cupboard or where ever you lay out your make up.
If you see all of it, you will be more aware of the amount you have and of the possibilities you got.
An other way to go is to try to grab a different palette or product every day.
This way, you know the number of things you can do and styles you can go with with what you already own.

vendredi 4 juillet 2014

MOVIE NIGHT!: The Prince & The Showgirl

This movie feels like a play and the quality of the acting is equal to what you can expect from the theater. It is actually based on a stage play under the name of The Sleeping Prince.
The story is the one of a little showgirl who tickles the fancy of a prince regent from an fictional eastern Europe country, Carpathia. 
The Prince Regent played by Laurence Olivier is quite unable to seduce women 
and inviting this woman over to his hotel and bedazzle her with nice champagne 
and fancy interior is his view of seduction. 
Elsie (played by Marilyn Monroe) actually reveals to be a smart woman
and expected there to be a party at the Prince's.
This situation turns into a fun interview in between the Prince and The showgirl
which will last much than the Prince intended it to but our pleasure.
Of all the movies which Marilyn, this one shows a real talent as a comedian 
and really smart in the end.
For aher best dramatic role though I would advice Bus Stop in which she 
plays beautifully a lost and depressed singer.

jeudi 3 juillet 2014

Food In Paris: Le Lutèce

If you feel like ordering a nice croque monsieur or maybe even madame...? 
   If you plan on going around Saint Michel one of these days I would definitely recommend you to go to Le Lutèce for a nice café gourmand or a fast meal. Just like many of my recommendations for Bistrots, they are all about efficiency, service quality and most importantly, good food.

   This particular café is exactly what you need when you are looking for when you are walking around Paris or when you want a break from anything bad or annoying which might have happened during your day. If it has been the case, I highly recommend you to get a café gourmand.

   The café gourmand in général in a parisian café is often on the menu and is a good alternative to ordering an actual dessert. This café, at le Lutèce comes with a selection in small portions of the desserts presented onto the daily menu.

8 Boulevard Saint-Michel
75006 Paris

mardi 1 juillet 2014

HOME: Customed Electronics

I like my surroundings to be colorful and happy. More than a projection of my thoughts on the outside it is a therapy from the outside in.
When I was young the first I Book came out at the same time as
the second brand of I Macs. This edition was colorful and fun.
The tints were fluorescent and bright.
However, since then came the era of the sleek
and the clean, silver black or white...
Not really "fun" enough to my taste, so I went a bit crazy
with stickers and fabric tapes. onto my MacBook.
The same sort of "transformation" I applied onto my phone
and as a cover for it I found this cute little present bag at I Am.
Final addition to my colorfulness of electronics is my tablet.
Homemade sticker, tea party themed and liberty fabric tape.
All of this somehow reminds me of Alice in Wonderland: Happy.

FRENCH: En Lisant Desproges Dans Le Train...

Desproges, on ne peut rien lui reprocher si ce n’est tout.

   Il y a fort longtemps, pas si longtemps que ça soyons honnête une seconde. Il y a fort longtemps, disais-je, il y avait en France un raconteur du nom, très jolie si je puis me permettre de Pierre Desproges. Pourquoi Desproges et pas Coluche ou Gad Elmaleh? 

Bonne question, à laquelle ce pendant, je ne vais pas véritablement répondre. Ce serais un peu me demander pourquoi ma glace préférée est celle au chocolat. Il n’y a ni rime ni raison à ce choix. Bon d’accord, peut-être suis-je charmée par son charme ravageur, mais le plus intéressant est son “quotient intellectuel de 130”. Je ne sais pas bien si faire de l’esprit et en avoir la présence (d’esprit) est bien quantifié par les quotients intellectuels. 

Si c’est effectivement le cas,Desproges devrait avoir reçu la “note” la plus élevée possible. Pour moi, c’est un homme brillant et, oui, intelligent car par son intelligence on se sent plus intelligents. Cette faculté me subjugue toujours. Un grand orateur sait contrôler les foules. Mieux vaut un bon orateur qu’un bourreau. A moins que vous soyez Hitler et que vous arriviez à vous diversifier. Un autre aspect de l’humour Desprogienne qui me rend songeuse: sa facilité à parler de choses choquantes et difficiles avec une facilité et une légèreté déconcertante.