vendredi 27 juin 2014

READ: Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr

Sometimes, though as you know I love literature, it is interesting to read self help books. This one, Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr is one of those.

As a woman, I am complexed by so many things, and even why I try to reason myself and say that I am not so bad, I look around and see a billboard with a model who looks like she invented happiness.
You need to make a serious effort to remember that this very woman has probably just as many complexes than you if not even more by the simple fact that the look of others she gets is quite wider than the one you get.
The only way to fight back is, more than love yourself, treasure yourself.
It is also the best way for you to later on treat other people the right way and follow yourself rather than a diktat of conventions surrounding you.
This book is much more than that and is a good guide for personal development. Every point debated is fairly simple but it does not mean we remember it. Therefore, it is nice and refreshing to have such a book around. I think it is also very good for people who have a high level of of stress, the way I do, or get panic attacks.

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