jeudi 19 juin 2014

FOOD: My Rice Pudding Recipe

I feel like rice is one of my favourite components when it comes to pick out a dessert: 
asian rice and soy cakes, rice crispies and rice pudding.
It takes no time to make and it tastes very good.
There is the recipe I follow when I want this simple treat.

What you will need
1 cup of rice
6 Cups of milk
A Pinch Of Salt
4 Tablespoons Of Sugar
A Few Drops Of Vanilla Extract

How to
   Butter a pan.
   Slowly add the rice while stirring on medium heat.
   Add the milk, than the sugar, the salt and the vanilla extract.
   Give a good stir and lower the heat.
   Let it cook 35 minutes while stirring often 
to avoid the rice to stick onto the pan.
   Once it is creamy and the rice is fully cooked, 
place it in the dish of your choice to let the mixture cool down.

Time to eat :)
         I personally like it when it is still a tiny bit warm, it feel creamier to my taste.

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