samedi 21 juin 2014

MUSIC: Evenings at Le Louvre

Music is lovely and it can make you feel so many different things...
I am quite aware that it is saturday when I am posting this Entertain Us On Friday article but I am about to tell you about my Friday. I walked around more than I normally did on a "Walk Around Paris" and I used my "nice" (understand big EOS 600D) camera.
The difference in between hanging around with my vlogging camera and this one: 
You look at things differently.

I was walking around, taking pictures all day and my eyes were already hurting. 
It was around 11:40 pm and I arrived close to the Louvre. 
No matter what time it is you can walk around the pyramid and 
to go there, when you come from rue de Rivoli, 
you go through a covered passage within the Louvre itself. 
This is what I could see through the windows
 of the Louvre at night.
You actually can see some status from the classical sculpture era 
within Le Louvre and as I was getting in, I literally got swept of my feet by a violinist 
playing there. She was so tiny and beautiful playing a mesmerizing  piece.
I just stood there until she was done (around 15 minutes).
You tend to forget when you just put your headphones on and 
ignore the world, how amazing live music in a place you are not expecting it 
can be. It is somehow magical. Yes, nothing to do with wizards, fairies and elves 
but the real "magic". The one which somehow stops you from doing anything and just fall under the charm of it, there has to be something there.

So my advice for today is, if you are in Paris, to go to the Louvre in the evening and listen...

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