dimanche 8 juin 2014

MOVIE NIGHT! Maleficient

It has been all over the news and magazines and some how, when I entered that theater I only had little knowledge of the movie I was about to see.
I only knew that it was the story of Sleeping Beauty but from the"vilain's" perspective.
Well in deed, Sleeping beauty is in it and the story is told but, as many of you may already be aware of it mainly is the story of Maleficient. My point today is to tell you about that movie without spoiling it for you.
Because there is much to say. Though many people seem to be saying that Frozen was the definite turn when it comes to feminism in Disney movies I would like to say a few words. 
This movie has the same vibe: women and girls can be strong and independent and take their own decisions.
But this time, it is in a darker world (maybe caused by the real actors) and It goes back to classic while taking the road of Fantasy novels.
I haven't stressed enough on this blog how much I love fantasy. To be perfectly honest with you, I love fairytales, the true kind. The type of dark stories which were told to children to keep them from harms away.
The difference being that in fantasy books, a character is not only good or bad but can evolve and this movie really managed that very well. Don't be worry though. This story has its fair share of bad guys and good ones.
If you want to know what on earth I was talking about in this article, you should go see it.

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