mardi 24 juin 2014

HOME: Marie Antoinette Decor With WestWing

Nothing is "trendy & new" nowadays. It is more of a recollection of a former style implemented with a twist of today.
As I was walking through shops, clothes and home decor do have this baroque and Marie-Antoinette vibe to them. I could not be more happy because it is a period and a feel that I enjoy. 
Therefore, just like cat ladies are happier than ever when cats prints get trendy,
I love quite a lot the shabby chic beautiful fashion and decor out lately.
This trend is all about femininity, lace, flowers and cosy.
That is where lays the major difference in between how everything had to be heavily charged and opulent at Maris Antoinette's time and nowadays, it is about having a few elements in generally a small space because we obviously have been having smaller and smaller place within time.
All of these pieces are my selection of Home decor
amongst a wide collection of objects proposed within a Westwing sale.
One of these pieces alone would just be very nice in any interior 
whether it would colorful or monochrome.

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