jeudi 5 juin 2014


You know me by now. I love my fragrances and I like to switch. 
However, going around with my full perfume bottles could be a bit tricky.
This is why, once everyone already knew about Travalo I finally bought two, 
one for my mother and one for myself.
I picked up a purple and a pink one.
Compared to any other bag spray, the way you transfer the perfume into it
really makes it so easy and clean that I definitely encourage you to get one.
The money you spend on it is worth every penny.

I also really like how it looks. 
In Paris, you can pick one up at Monoprix from my experience.
I highly recommend them as you understood. Because it is always nice to have a little spray of your favourite scent after work, before drinks, for coffee with friends or to wash off a bad day...

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