lundi 23 juin 2014

FRAGRANCES: Nina L'elixir

Woman. Feminine. Simple. Efficient.
Each of these words are enough to describe this scent.
When my brother explained to me why he had chosen this particular one,
he did admit that my choices in matter of perfumes and beauty products where highly
altered and influence by packagings.
It worked. He did also admit to have had a sniff to make sure it was not repulsive.
The scent can be easily described as I would not qualify this fragrance of original.
At the moment you spray it on, the major notes I noticed were berries and citrus.
As I am not a big fan of musk (apart when it is joined by amber scents) , I noticed it took its place very fast leaving behind a feminine musky scent.

The several fragrances given here concorde very well with each other but, 
as I said previously, don't create a magical alliance with a strong personality.

But this, is a good thing.
This scent which is simple and elegant will please many women as
it as basically anything you could get from a perfume: 
fruity, citrus, musky, sweet and fresh.
It makes a very good present.

I would recommend to wear it during the day (maybe not as much for going out)
and, though it feel more springy, it could really be worn at any time of the year

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