lundi 16 juin 2014

FRAGRANCES: Eau Belle from Azzaro

This perfume must have been the first perfume I ever got so 
it is dear to me even more as my mother got it for me 
for my twenty fifth birthday as a memento.
However for the first time I am actually righting about something 
I don't like. I wore it for more than 4 years in a raw
and nowadays, I feel like it is too citrusy and somehow masculine.
This scent is very good and fresh for summer.
What maid me feel like this fragrance was masculine probably
 comes from the cypress and honey undertone within the notes.
I also feel like the balance in between the scent is a little different than 
in classic perfumes and it could be a little "nicer" if the peach was 
stronger or the amber held on the skin longer.

If you have had enough with sugary and sweet scents,
this is the best fresh fragrance I was given the smell.

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