lundi 9 juin 2014


This fragrance is a classic though I first wore it a week ago as I got it for my birthday.
This perfume from Giorgio Armani was launched four years ago. 
It really feels summery and rich to me. 
It is supposedly a reminder of holidays and a call of nature, 
as it was suggested in its advertisement video clip.
The bottle is very elegant and sort of fits perfectly in one's hand, 
seating in the hollow part of it.
The fragrance itself is mainly (to my nose) based on citrus and mint 
with a base very sugary while the floral undertone of the perfume 
is built around peony and jasmine.

I would recommend wearing this type of perfume at night on a date
 or for a day out with friends.
If you enjoy the very trendy La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme, 
you might want to give it a try 
so that you do not smell like everybody else.

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