vendredi 27 juin 2014

FOOD: Asian Délice à la Banane Yuuummy!

This little thing is so nice and tasty, I have been loving them since I was a kid.
My mother always tended to go to the same small asian supermarket around Maubert Mutualité. The little lady taking care of it knew her well, and told her several times, that these soy and banana "cakes" were extremely easy to make.

I have been looking all over the Internet and cooking books...nada. What is certain to me though is that I am probably never going to take the time to make them but I will always get them at Chinese places.

It is a rich paste which melts as soon as you place it in your mouth. It also as the same sort of gooey feel than rice paste within softness and the sweet taste of it. However, this specific one is entirely cream and the layers don't feel separated.

It is important to specify as there often are two other types of "délice" in the shops. One is harder with two very white layers and a yellow layer within and the other one has stripes "translucide" white and orange yellowish.

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