mercredi 18 juin 2014

BLOG: Changing My Blog A Tad & some new designs

You probably noticed that the Blog has changed a little today and there is a fairly simple reason to it: I don't believe in quantity but in quality. I enjoyed the principle along which I was putting articles on every single day. However, lately, with my work on my creations and my search for a job, I did not find as much time and more importantly energy for my blog and though it sometimes worked out pretty well some other week I simply could not post everyday which maid me feel like I was failing at this blog.
What actually happened is that I succeeded at other things in life or at least I took the time to try more. I love to write I already mentioned it here but especially in my articles in french which are often deeper than my regular ones but only because it is my language. I will keep on writing majorly in english and only rarely in french:
It is a good exercice for me (whether I am successful at it, or not, is another matter entirely) & it still is the language of a major part of my friends and readers; especially for my several reviews of french products or places. It is nice to have a perspective of a "native" when you are studying abroad or are in anyway lost in this new country (France).
Therefore, I will give you an article five days a week from now onwards:
Pretty Monday, with the beauty, skincare and fragrances reviews or first impressions.
Stylish Tuesday, for selections and pieces on fashion.
What Happened Wednesday which quite obviously will be a blog article.
Food Thursday with my recipes and recommendations in matter of restauration in Paris.
Entertain Us On Friday for my reads, movies or musics.
The other "important" thing that happened for me since I last wrote you directly is that I released these new designs you see here on my Firefly SkyWear© shop. Hoping you enjoy and talk to you guys tomorrow!

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