dimanche 15 juin 2014

BLOG: The Importance Isn't The Destination

So many little sentences that we know and really don't make much sense.
However, I thought today had to be about life and the past. 
When you are 25, you obviously won't be dwelling on the past, the way you would if you were older. But you might be in situation when you feel surrounded by it.

The main problem about the past is that it tends to limit us in our judgement of today or the future and stops us from doing some things because we assume they will never work.
A friend told me once there are only two ways around a problem, and wait for it because it really is pretty basic, but we tend to forget it:
You either can do something about the situation so do it.
But if you cannot, do beat yourself about it and move on. Don't waist your time.
You will always spend time with people who make you feel small and insignificant.
Hopefully you will realize it sooner than later and will be able to move on.
There is no real advice in today's article just an observation but just because I cannot change you views nor ways and can just state what is and elements I tend to forget:
It should never be about the goal alone but mainly about today and the travel towards whatever tomorrow will be maid of.

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