mercredi 25 juin 2014

BLOG: Crafting and My Definition of Being Fit

I love crafting, making, creating, playing, believing and I can literally spend hours doing it.
Some might be surprised but it is also a good way for me to get fit.

As I have been looking for a job for a little while and 
the job I have is all the things I do on and for the Internet, I spend most of my time sitting down.
Some events lead me to (regrettably) leave aside yoga and working out recently.
And today is not about getting slim but about getting "fit".

I don't mean that I want to become an athlete nor do I mean that you can get fit by not doing anything.
I have been eating too much lately for instance. Then again let me define my "eating too much".
I don't follow a specific diet or anything of the sort, however, some days (almost every days lately), I feel heavy and shortness of breaths. I get very easily light headed to the point that I can need up to a minute to get back at what ever I was doing.

If I had kept up my yoga (which I did from december to the end of May), I probably would not experience that many dizziness feelings. And if I replaced many of my snacks by one or two glasses of water or a fruit, I would feel lighter.

My diet is basically carb oriented and when I work and move a lot, it is really working out for me. 
I can eat light meals with carbs and they make me last until the next one.
But lately, it hasn't been so easy. However, as soon as I find myself something to do; a goal to achieve, I really rarely snack and am so much into what I am doing that I only eat when I am really hungry.

From the start of next week onwards, I will have something to do, my diet and physical activity will change, so I am confident that I won't be feeling as heavy and tired.
If you feel like what I am writing here is to a diet diary, please skip What Happened Wednesday for a little while because, oddly and contrary to many bloggers or people, I am just getting in shape now and I will give you a little feed back every Wednesday even if I also talk about other things.

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