dimanche 1 juin 2014

BEAUTY: Sephora New Skincare Masks

For my birthday, I received one of each new types of fabric masks by Sephora and they are amazing.
I am not big on masks in general and I only have a pot of a Nutri-organic one by The Body Shop which I use when my face is having a small crisis.
They each come in a funky colored round packaging which for some reason reminded me of music records.
They, of course, treat different things and this is why I am pretty happy to have several of them. This way you don't always treat the same things and it really manages all of the aspects of a facial. 
The Collection counts 8 types of masks:
- Green Tea which is mattifying and anti-blemish
- Ginseng is toning and revitalizing
-Honey which is nourishing and balancing
- Pomegranate is anti-fatigue and energizing
- Rose which is ultra-nourishing and brightening
-Lotus is moisturizing and soothing
- Perle which is perfecting and brightening
- Lingzhi is anti-aging and smoothing

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