dimanche 1 juin 2014

BEAUTY: Real Techniques Brushes by the Chapman Sisters

I was very surprised to see these at my Monoprix. They were a little bit less 20 euros and I don't know if you could find them in any Monop but I was just thrilled to find those.
I am really late to join the band wagon but, there they are. Sam and Nick Chapman came out with these brushes and the set I got the core collection. To be honest, I got this one just because it was the only set available there.
The little case is not to my taste and if you pull the string which is on it, it deforms one of the brushes but this is maid more to present those then anything and I, personally, will put them in my own make up drawer and bag anyhow.
In the kit comes four brushes: a detailer brush, a pointed foundation brush, a contour brush and a panoramic brush. Their means is basically to get a perfect face.

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