vendredi 6 juin 2014

BEAUTY: Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil by The Body Shop

Summer, Sun, Beach, Palm trees, Holidays... 
I don't know about you but I am ready for it. I could be a little more in shape and the last few days have been difficult and I have to get back at a longer and more efficient yoga routine which I currently do too fast or too short.

Though I am not big on self tanners and basically only have two which I love and which are for scared women like am: gradual tanning moisturizers, the Palmer's one I mentioned once already and The Jergens Natural Glow in 3 Days which is still difficult to get in Paris.

So the easiest way to look good and healthy under the sun is to use a shimmer moisturizer or dry oil. My skin is very pale and translucide to the point that you can definitely see my veins through and when it comes to my legs, it would seem impossible for my tibias to ever get tanned. I already got my entire legs sun burnt and still my tibias were as white as cotton. 

That was when I was young, nowadays I only rely on self tanners and shimmering lotions to get a summer shine. Otherwise, I always wear the highest SPF possible with it especially considering that I have spent most of the hot months outside non-stop the past few years.

Honey Bronze is a shimmering dry oil from the Body Shop which smells like monoï oil and really has a glow to it. The shimmers are very small and don't make you look like a disco ball. To this day my only comparison is with the Fragile perfume dry oil by Jean Paul Gaultier (Iris fragranced) in which the shimmers are a tad bigger and to the saying of the Body Shop seller, so are the ones in the Huile Prodigieuse Scintillante by Nuxe which is an other famous shimmering dry oil.

I really enjoy this one which "covers" or distracts the eyes from the paleness of my skin but if I happen to get another one I will give you feed back.

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