samedi 14 juin 2014

BEAUTY: Emulsion Lissante Hydratante 24H aux Cellules De Clémentines

I already mentioned the brand, Bio Beauté by Nuxe several times. 
But this one is pretty up there.

This emulsion has been my day cream for a little while now 
and though it has been on and off due to all the other ones I happen to try out, 
this specific cream is mine and my skin's favourite.

The ability of smoothing the skin within this emulsion technically should be for aging skin.
Whether or not it is useful for my 25 year old self, 
anti-aging products are the most hydrating and plumping
so either as a daily moisturizer or a occasional skin savior,
they are the cream of the crop.

Another element which maid me like this product especially is its scent.
Seeing that one of the main elements in it is clementine, 
the cream itself smells very nice and citrusy. 
I highly recommend this product and the fact 
that it is organic is a big plus.

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