lundi 30 juin 2014

BEAUTY: Asian Beauty

Here are the items in detail which my friend sent me.
Deep Sea Water Skinfood Mask Sheet.
Touch Masks from the Black Pomegranate collection by Skinfood.
Elderflower mask sheet.
Snail Vitalising Mask Sheet.
Mediental Gel Eye mask 4 in 1.
Choosy  Gel lip patch  in Honey
Black Sugar Perfect First Serum, which I love but if you get a sample size,
get a container, because there is a lot of serum in it.
Black Pomegranate serum.
Cleaning coton wipes.
& the Black Pomegranate cream from Skinfood.

vendredi 27 juin 2014

READ: Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr

Sometimes, though as you know I love literature, it is interesting to read self help books. This one, Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr is one of those.

As a woman, I am complexed by so many things, and even why I try to reason myself and say that I am not so bad, I look around and see a billboard with a model who looks like she invented happiness.
You need to make a serious effort to remember that this very woman has probably just as many complexes than you if not even more by the simple fact that the look of others she gets is quite wider than the one you get.
The only way to fight back is, more than love yourself, treasure yourself.
It is also the best way for you to later on treat other people the right way and follow yourself rather than a diktat of conventions surrounding you.
This book is much more than that and is a good guide for personal development. Every point debated is fairly simple but it does not mean we remember it. Therefore, it is nice and refreshing to have such a book around. I think it is also very good for people who have a high level of of stress, the way I do, or get panic attacks.

FOOD: Asian Délice à la Banane Yuuummy!

This little thing is so nice and tasty, I have been loving them since I was a kid.
My mother always tended to go to the same small asian supermarket around Maubert Mutualité. The little lady taking care of it knew her well, and told her several times, that these soy and banana "cakes" were extremely easy to make.

I have been looking all over the Internet and cooking books...nada. What is certain to me though is that I am probably never going to take the time to make them but I will always get them at Chinese places.

It is a rich paste which melts as soon as you place it in your mouth. It also as the same sort of gooey feel than rice paste within softness and the sweet taste of it. However, this specific one is entirely cream and the layers don't feel separated.

It is important to specify as there often are two other types of "délice" in the shops. One is harder with two very white layers and a yellow layer within and the other one has stripes "translucide" white and orange yellowish.

mercredi 25 juin 2014

BLOG: Crafting and My Definition of Being Fit

I love crafting, making, creating, playing, believing and I can literally spend hours doing it.
Some might be surprised but it is also a good way for me to get fit.

As I have been looking for a job for a little while and 
the job I have is all the things I do on and for the Internet, I spend most of my time sitting down.
Some events lead me to (regrettably) leave aside yoga and working out recently.
And today is not about getting slim but about getting "fit".

I don't mean that I want to become an athlete nor do I mean that you can get fit by not doing anything.
I have been eating too much lately for instance. Then again let me define my "eating too much".
I don't follow a specific diet or anything of the sort, however, some days (almost every days lately), I feel heavy and shortness of breaths. I get very easily light headed to the point that I can need up to a minute to get back at what ever I was doing.

If I had kept up my yoga (which I did from december to the end of May), I probably would not experience that many dizziness feelings. And if I replaced many of my snacks by one or two glasses of water or a fruit, I would feel lighter.

My diet is basically carb oriented and when I work and move a lot, it is really working out for me. 
I can eat light meals with carbs and they make me last until the next one.
But lately, it hasn't been so easy. However, as soon as I find myself something to do; a goal to achieve, I really rarely snack and am so much into what I am doing that I only eat when I am really hungry.

From the start of next week onwards, I will have something to do, my diet and physical activity will change, so I am confident that I won't be feeling as heavy and tired.
If you feel like what I am writing here is to a diet diary, please skip What Happened Wednesday for a little while because, oddly and contrary to many bloggers or people, I am just getting in shape now and I will give you a little feed back every Wednesday even if I also talk about other things.

mardi 24 juin 2014

HOME: Marie Antoinette Decor With WestWing

Nothing is "trendy & new" nowadays. It is more of a recollection of a former style implemented with a twist of today.
As I was walking through shops, clothes and home decor do have this baroque and Marie-Antoinette vibe to them. I could not be more happy because it is a period and a feel that I enjoy. 
Therefore, just like cat ladies are happier than ever when cats prints get trendy,
I love quite a lot the shabby chic beautiful fashion and decor out lately.
This trend is all about femininity, lace, flowers and cosy.
That is where lays the major difference in between how everything had to be heavily charged and opulent at Maris Antoinette's time and nowadays, it is about having a few elements in generally a small space because we obviously have been having smaller and smaller place within time.
All of these pieces are my selection of Home decor
amongst a wide collection of objects proposed within a Westwing sale.
One of these pieces alone would just be very nice in any interior 
whether it would colorful or monochrome.

lundi 23 juin 2014

FRAGRANCES: Nina L'elixir

Woman. Feminine. Simple. Efficient.
Each of these words are enough to describe this scent.
When my brother explained to me why he had chosen this particular one,
he did admit that my choices in matter of perfumes and beauty products where highly
altered and influence by packagings.
It worked. He did also admit to have had a sniff to make sure it was not repulsive.
The scent can be easily described as I would not qualify this fragrance of original.
At the moment you spray it on, the major notes I noticed were berries and citrus.
As I am not a big fan of musk (apart when it is joined by amber scents) , I noticed it took its place very fast leaving behind a feminine musky scent.

The several fragrances given here concorde very well with each other but, 
as I said previously, don't create a magical alliance with a strong personality.

But this, is a good thing.
This scent which is simple and elegant will please many women as
it as basically anything you could get from a perfume: 
fruity, citrus, musky, sweet and fresh.
It makes a very good present.

I would recommend to wear it during the day (maybe not as much for going out)
and, though it feel more springy, it could really be worn at any time of the year

samedi 21 juin 2014

MUSIC: Evenings at Le Louvre

Music is lovely and it can make you feel so many different things...
I am quite aware that it is saturday when I am posting this Entertain Us On Friday article but I am about to tell you about my Friday. I walked around more than I normally did on a "Walk Around Paris" and I used my "nice" (understand big EOS 600D) camera.
The difference in between hanging around with my vlogging camera and this one: 
You look at things differently.

I was walking around, taking pictures all day and my eyes were already hurting. 
It was around 11:40 pm and I arrived close to the Louvre. 
No matter what time it is you can walk around the pyramid and 
to go there, when you come from rue de Rivoli, 
you go through a covered passage within the Louvre itself. 
This is what I could see through the windows
 of the Louvre at night.
You actually can see some status from the classical sculpture era 
within Le Louvre and as I was getting in, I literally got swept of my feet by a violinist 
playing there. She was so tiny and beautiful playing a mesmerizing  piece.
I just stood there until she was done (around 15 minutes).
You tend to forget when you just put your headphones on and 
ignore the world, how amazing live music in a place you are not expecting it 
can be. It is somehow magical. Yes, nothing to do with wizards, fairies and elves 
but the real "magic". The one which somehow stops you from doing anything and just fall under the charm of it, there has to be something there.

So my advice for today is, if you are in Paris, to go to the Louvre in the evening and listen...

jeudi 19 juin 2014

FOOD: My Rice Pudding Recipe

I feel like rice is one of my favourite components when it comes to pick out a dessert: 
asian rice and soy cakes, rice crispies and rice pudding.
It takes no time to make and it tastes very good.
There is the recipe I follow when I want this simple treat.

What you will need
1 cup of rice
6 Cups of milk
A Pinch Of Salt
4 Tablespoons Of Sugar
A Few Drops Of Vanilla Extract

How to
   Butter a pan.
   Slowly add the rice while stirring on medium heat.
   Add the milk, than the sugar, the salt and the vanilla extract.
   Give a good stir and lower the heat.
   Let it cook 35 minutes while stirring often 
to avoid the rice to stick onto the pan.
   Once it is creamy and the rice is fully cooked, 
place it in the dish of your choice to let the mixture cool down.

Time to eat :)
         I personally like it when it is still a tiny bit warm, it feel creamier to my taste.

mercredi 18 juin 2014

BLOG: Changing My Blog A Tad & some new designs

You probably noticed that the Blog has changed a little today and there is a fairly simple reason to it: I don't believe in quantity but in quality. I enjoyed the principle along which I was putting articles on every single day. However, lately, with my work on my creations and my search for a job, I did not find as much time and more importantly energy for my blog and though it sometimes worked out pretty well some other week I simply could not post everyday which maid me feel like I was failing at this blog.
What actually happened is that I succeeded at other things in life or at least I took the time to try more. I love to write I already mentioned it here but especially in my articles in french which are often deeper than my regular ones but only because it is my language. I will keep on writing majorly in english and only rarely in french:
It is a good exercice for me (whether I am successful at it, or not, is another matter entirely) & it still is the language of a major part of my friends and readers; especially for my several reviews of french products or places. It is nice to have a perspective of a "native" when you are studying abroad or are in anyway lost in this new country (France).
Therefore, I will give you an article five days a week from now onwards:
Pretty Monday, with the beauty, skincare and fragrances reviews or first impressions.
Stylish Tuesday, for selections and pieces on fashion.
What Happened Wednesday which quite obviously will be a blog article.
Food Thursday with my recipes and recommendations in matter of restauration in Paris.
Entertain Us On Friday for my reads, movies or musics.
The other "important" thing that happened for me since I last wrote you directly is that I released these new designs you see here on my Firefly SkyWear© shop. Hoping you enjoy and talk to you guys tomorrow!

mardi 17 juin 2014

BLOG: On My Pinterest #14

A Saint Honoré.
I already mentioned this patisserie speciality.
It might be my favourite close to the eclair au chocolat.
This type of painting and illustration I really like.
It somehow reminds me of the ones in my children's book.
I want it.
Sometimes, the simplest things are the cutest.
I would never be able to make my meringues this pretty
but if there is anything easy to make and very nice are meringues.
A beautiful bathroom all put together by this curtain.
" A bicyclette..."
Such a beautiful woman
I would never get such an impeccable manucure
but this is the right way to do pastels.

lundi 16 juin 2014

FRAGRANCES: Eau Belle from Azzaro

This perfume must have been the first perfume I ever got so 
it is dear to me even more as my mother got it for me 
for my twenty fifth birthday as a memento.
However for the first time I am actually righting about something 
I don't like. I wore it for more than 4 years in a raw
and nowadays, I feel like it is too citrusy and somehow masculine.
This scent is very good and fresh for summer.
What maid me feel like this fragrance was masculine probably
 comes from the cypress and honey undertone within the notes.
I also feel like the balance in between the scent is a little different than 
in classic perfumes and it could be a little "nicer" if the peach was 
stronger or the amber held on the skin longer.

If you have had enough with sugary and sweet scents,
this is the best fresh fragrance I was given the smell.

dimanche 15 juin 2014

BLOG: The Importance Isn't The Destination

So many little sentences that we know and really don't make much sense.
However, I thought today had to be about life and the past. 
When you are 25, you obviously won't be dwelling on the past, the way you would if you were older. But you might be in situation when you feel surrounded by it.

The main problem about the past is that it tends to limit us in our judgement of today or the future and stops us from doing some things because we assume they will never work.
A friend told me once there are only two ways around a problem, and wait for it because it really is pretty basic, but we tend to forget it:
You either can do something about the situation so do it.
But if you cannot, do beat yourself about it and move on. Don't waist your time.
You will always spend time with people who make you feel small and insignificant.
Hopefully you will realize it sooner than later and will be able to move on.
There is no real advice in today's article just an observation but just because I cannot change you views nor ways and can just state what is and elements I tend to forget:
It should never be about the goal alone but mainly about today and the travel towards whatever tomorrow will be maid of.

samedi 14 juin 2014

BEAUTY: Emulsion Lissante Hydratante 24H aux Cellules De Clémentines

I already mentioned the brand, Bio Beauté by Nuxe several times. 
But this one is pretty up there.

This emulsion has been my day cream for a little while now 
and though it has been on and off due to all the other ones I happen to try out, 
this specific cream is mine and my skin's favourite.

The ability of smoothing the skin within this emulsion technically should be for aging skin.
Whether or not it is useful for my 25 year old self, 
anti-aging products are the most hydrating and plumping
so either as a daily moisturizer or a occasional skin savior,
they are the cream of the crop.

Another element which maid me like this product especially is its scent.
Seeing that one of the main elements in it is clementine, 
the cream itself smells very nice and citrusy. 
I highly recommend this product and the fact 
that it is organic is a big plus.

vendredi 13 juin 2014

MOVIE NIGHT!: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

You watch so many romantic comedy and romance when you are like me, a movie buff,
that you end up being a much harder of a critic.
Nothing to do with being mean or nice but more with having more elements to think about
and play around with while considering a movie.
When you start watching this movie you will have a "pre-made" idea about it
which will certainly reveal to be false.
This film, though it includes some Science Fiction elements, is a love story.
Twisted, difficult, to which one can relate.
Both characters, Joel and Clementine, have fun personalities.
They are a little special in their own way and in the way, I feel, anybody is.
The relationship begins, is amazing and changes with time.
Things get sour and, as the technology is available, they are both going to "delete"
this relationship from their minds.
This movie is here to demonstrate, in fictional and very vivid way that 
we don't know how lucky, happy or at fulfilled our lives can be until 
we loose the reason for that fulfillment.
It is one of the best movies I have ever seen though I might not advice you 
to watch it to cheer yourself up as I consider it is quite emotional.
But it is a classic, to my sense, so do take the time to see it.

HOME: Ceramic Couple

Once again, I am about to just give you a few pictures of one of the items I own and like. 
During a trip to England, a family member of mine bought this and
it got let to me.
Not much of a story you may say but I enjoy this one anyways.
It is the only object I own that I would call an artifact 
along with my Japanese Doll.
I feel like it is a very cute and delicate little piece 
and it is genuinely pretty.