samedi 31 mai 2014

SHOP: Firefly Skywear !!!!! Finally

On my my birthday, I am very happy to say that i just launched my on Skywear design line with Spreadshirt. I spent quite a long time working on both the designs and the ways to make and sell them.  Though I love making my little creations on Lyl Firefly Lantern's shop, I really wanted to make clothes.
Last time I went to the Drop Zone I already mentioned here several times, my friends asked me why I didn't start a clothing line oriented towards Skydivers and more especially women.
Not many of you may know this but Skydiving isn't really a women's sport and the small community of them are either reduced to apply their style to the men or to just look a bit out of place. 
I felt like it shouldn't be like this and as skydivers are pretty cool and laid back people, I went for a fun, cool and laid back style for my clothes.
When I was making all of these plans, I also remembered the amount of kids going around Drop Zones and thought that it would be nice for them to be involved some how. This is where the idea of the Kiwi  Para came from. A little bit of New Zealand, a hint of a closing pin and a cute parachute.
I hope you will head over and get a look at things and maybe even, like something.

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