samedi 31 mai 2014

FOOD: Leone Candies

I am a big sweet addict and though I can definitely be happy with just having normal, easy to find types of candies at my supermarket. However, I love to roam around the Galeries Lafayette's foreign food section and sweets and grab a few different things.

A while ago I bought my first little pack of these in the vanilla taste and I really liked them very much.

The Pastilles Leone are small sugared candies in many different flavors. They have a special look due to their fabrication which is the same "old" one from the foundation of the company in the Nineteenth century. My personal favourite being the strawberry ones which taste like strawberry marshmallows.

I also got their coffee ones which taste exactly like a cup of sweetened coffee. As I take my coffee black I gave these to my mum who appreciates them.

If you have the chances, do give those candies a try. They are very small and you can just grab a box as you would breath mints and use them as little treats for yourself during the day.

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