dimanche 18 mai 2014

FASHION: Playsuits Selection

When I was a little girl, I used to love overalls It isn't that I looked good in them but mainly that I felt quite comfy and free in them. You can do anything when you are wearing this type of clothes.You can dare more things when you are wearing this type of garments.

When Playsuits and Jumpsuits come back in style this season, this fun and practical sense came back. Here I just went around Boohoo, New Look, H&M and Forever 21 to get back here with a nice selection of fun ones: shorts, pants, dress-like versions but all are playsuits. An outfit in one piece of clothing.
When you think about it , it also is very economical. 

From New Look, I found some for any occasions.
Some are fun like the short tribal playsuit et some
you could go to work in
like the polka dot full long one.
Overall these two are my favourites but quite obviously
 it is because I love my colors.
Those are from Yoohoo.

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