dimanche 25 mai 2014

BLOG: Why Pilgrimdreamer and Lyl Firefly Lantern?

Let's have a chit chat sunday this time.
Many times I have changed styles, faces, make up.
Many people asked me about it or questionned the need of such a look.
The only person you ever will be is you.
If you are in a changeable mood all of the time
it is only justice that you would change
your appearance accordingly.
This, is actually the reason why I named
myself on my YouTube Channel:
I have some convictions but I am always up
to discover more even if it means imagination wise.
The reason why this Blog, the "shop" I would lie to grow
 and all of my Social networks are called Lyl Firefly Lantern
has a more "rational" explanation (to my understanding).
When I started to create objects, jewelry and things for people,
I always had to do it at night or at least in the late evening
because it came after work and my studies.
I very often worked with one lamp on or even just candles
(because my lamps' bulbs always seem to break).
My window alone was lit at very late or early hours
and it aid me think of a lantern.
And as I quite obviously couldn't be a "busy bee"at night,
I became a firefly.

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