mardi 20 mai 2014

BLOG: Organisation & Skywear

   To be honest with you, I really feel bad about how many times I let down my blog lately. I am quite aware I don't have many readers, however, it is part of my life "hygiene" to blog everyday. Just like taking a shower, anyone should Have to find 15 minutes of calm during which he or she can type in a few words.

  What I mentioned in the video a week or so ago, I am currently trying to see how I could have some skywear (skydive oriented clothing) on the go and I can tell you it is asking for quite a lot of time and effort. Obviously right now, though I have done most part if not all of the creative job, here comes the not so fun job: marketing.

  I am an artistic person. This quite obviously doesn't mean that I am an artist per say but it means that technicality for anything makes me tired and annoyed. I have never been worse than after these long hours trying to work out what works best for which ever ongoing project.

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