lundi 26 mai 2014

BLOG: On My Pinterest #13

or my way to Meditation and calming down (for the past 8 months)
      As I was seating at my desk today, contemplating how many articles I didn't write this month,
I realized why I hadn't been "finding the time". I overloaded my brain (in the hope that I have one)
 with too many informations.This doesn't mean that I am now more intelligent or
that I solved all of my problems.

Vaux-Le-Vicomte in the snow
   Once again compared to a quantity of other people, I don't happen to have any problems. But there it is, I am not "other" people and whatever problem I feel like I have, I am the only to be able to solve them completely.   Help is always nice but, when it comes to anything which would stress me out (this is how I react to any pressure), I am perfectly capable to know when it happens:

  I cannot read a book, I turn into an hyperactive person and things and people can only get my attention for a very limited period of time.   And then... I saw this picture. It first brought me simpler times, when I was a little girl; following my person without asking too many questions in so many places.Then, the snow calmed my mind.

   I already happened to mention meditation quite many times here and I know they are many type of meditation and often religious meanings behind it. I am not talking about this aspect of it, though I am craving for "emptiness" when it comes to meditation which is very close to perfection in many cultures.
   My emptiness is filled with snow. Even the silence surrounding me during meditation is the same as the one I get when I am alone in a snowy landscape. It is never real silence but you can't hear a thing. And in there, stress flees, anxiety forgets me to leave room for anything else I want to place there.

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