mardi 13 mai 2014

BLOG: On My Pinterest #12

Is it just me or blue is magical and
these flowers are.
Parachutest of pictures.
I know many people think differently about flats
but these are so elegant and different,
I love them.
Goldie is a pin up girl, funny girl and lovely girl.
I should read about kiwi as well.
Summer class and beautiful clothes
in between Jean-Paul Gaultier and tennis.
This is the most beautiful little garden bench
and place to dream and read.
Here is the original face of Cinderella and
I sometimes relish the memory of this type of drawings
and children books illustrations.
Sometimes, lace is the most beautiful thing
and sometimes, it is even better than that:
it is legendary and incarnated elegance.
This actually does look like
what will be my summer residence :)

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