vendredi 9 mai 2014

BEAUTY: Vegetable Oils #3

When the weather is getting windy and switches a lot, your skin takes quite a blow and some of the natural oils and butters can really help you with redness generated by exterior causes (weather, anxiety & several other causes). Today, I keep on talking about the several vegetable oils with which you really can give an entire natural treatment to your skin with red vine, witch-hazel, mango, shea and olive oils.

Red Vine
Using Red Vine  concentrate extract within your day cream
 (20 drops to 15g) helps microcirculation and works as an anti-inflammatory agent.
One of the element within Red Vine, the anthocyanin, protects blood capillaries
making it easier to fight off rednesses.
To get a better resistance of skin capillaries, this is the best of plants to use.
It also makes this plant one of the best one to treat couperoses.

If you want to have a product made out of it you need to go to your pharmacy
 and have it made for you by the pharmacist.
Mango, Olive & Shea

They are everywhere and everyone is talking about it and there is a reason for it.
Though I didn't put here my personal favourite that is Jojoba Oil;
I am still quite happy to say that I keep it as my oil of choice
 no matter which I happen to have within my closet.

All mango, olive and shea are very nourishing natural oils.
To speak in technical terms, what makes them
nourishing are the ceramids and Vitamin B5...
Anyhow, having some shea and mango butter and olive oil
will make your life easier for the days your skin feels dry.

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