mercredi 7 mai 2014

BEAUTY: Vegetable Oils #2

When the weather is getting colder or windy, your skin takes quite a blow and some of the natural oils and butters can really help you with redness generated by exterior causes (weather, anxiety & several other causes). Today, I keep on talking about the several vegetable oils with which you really can give an entire natural treatment to your skin with cypress and curry plant oils.

This plant is vasoconstrictor & anti-inflammatory substance
which relieves from congestion.
However, the essential oil cannot really be used on its own
 and has to be added to a mixture.

To apply it, mix it with 30ml of hazelnut oil and a 1ml of lemon essential oil.
Then, massage it on the areas to treat in circular motions
 every morning and evening until the redness fades away.
Curry Plant 
(also called Immortal)
It has been recognized for a a fair amount of time as an anticoagulant,
vasoconstrictor & anti-inflammatory substance
 which relieves from congestion (just the same as cypress).

As a good answer to occasional rednesses,
you could add a few drops (10) of Curry Plant essential oil
 within 50 grams (1.8 oz) of your facial cream
which you can apply in both mornings and evenings.

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