lundi 5 mai 2014

BEAUTY: Vegetable Oils #1

       My goal as generally been of given you tips to feel good because I am in the constant research of feel good ways, habits, work outs and the products to do so. 
       Our society though it has many great aspects, is ruled over by stress and difficulties we create ourselves. When adopting a new life routine, I couldn't stress enough how much caring about yourself and cherishing yourself is important. Once you do, even if you probably heard this a million of times, you will be able to love others much easily.

  One simple thing I have learned about while ago is treating my skin with vegetable oils: it feels brilliant and your skin regenerates well.
My personal favourite, which I have been using for a fair amount of time is Jojoba oil with Monoï coming close second after that .
It does have a peculiar scent though I personally find it agreeable. It is a little bit earthy and warm the same way vanilla or monoï are.

To use it, I choose to apply it onto my face (and body if needed) instade of my day or night cream. I tend to do it once a week or if my skin is having a ruff time, due to either the weather or stress.
I found that applying some at night was really giving results in the morning for a smooth skin.

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