samedi 24 mai 2014

BEAUTY: Miami & Flamingo by Sephora

It is officially summer in my beauty collection thanks to several items but this year's real definite change in it is the bright pink lips. Last year was my first time being comfortable rocking coral.
Pink is at the same time easier and harder.
Pink very obviously has a girly colour and I wasn't so sure about how I felt wearing it.
In general though, I go for mix and match so I went for it and I don't regret it.
My first pick was Miami from the collection of Lip Jumbo Sticks
by Sephora. This product is easy to layer up which makes it difficult
to mess up your make up, always a plus.
The tint is an almost fluo happy pink (with a hint of coral).
My other jumbo sticks are the ones from Urban Decay and the main
difference except for the colour is the hydration which really isn't the best.
Legit 80's on your lips. That is the best description for this neon pink
called Flamingo. I would recommend priming with lip balm a little bit
before applying this lipstick. As its finish is mat, I loved adding some
gloss on top, in particular, Picnic In The Park by Tanya Burr. 

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