mercredi 28 mai 2014

BEAUTY: Electric Palettes by Urban Decay COLORS!!!!!!

I didn't know for if I was going to get this eye shadow palette when it came out in the US and on blogs. I sincerely thought I was going to take my time... The first time I saw it at my Sephora it went from the stand to my basket before my brain could even say the slightest thing.
And I do not regret it.
This palette comes with ten eye shadows and a purple double ended brush.
The eye shadows feel even more pigmented than the ones from the other Urban Decay palettes. Though I don't have them all, my statement comes from the 15 palettes I do have from them and the single eye shadows. This is very logical because this palette is filled with pressed pigments.
 They feel velvety to the touch and even if I didn't take pictures of swatches of each of them, I can tell you the color you see here are the colors you get.
I just dabbed my finger on these pressed pigments and the color of my finger is the one from the pot.
It also means that you have to be extremely careful with it.

- Revolt is a silver with silver glitter and shimmers.
- Gonzo is a matt turquoise with a pearly shine.
- Slowburn is a red-orange with a shine.
- Savage is a matte hot pink.
- Fringe is a teal with light shimmers.
- Chaos is a bright blue (which reminds me of blue "Klein") with a pearly shine.
- Jilted is a shimmery dark fuchsia.
- Urban is a purple with shimmers.
- Freak is a prairie green with a shine.
- Thrash is a Lime green with a gold shine.
I will mostly wear these colors as subtle touches and fun twists in regular looks but for today, just take a look at what you can do with these colors. 
Depending where you apply for I might not recommend to be made up like this for your interview but for a cool concert, a festival, party or whenever you feel like it and want some fun.

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