samedi 31 mai 2014

SHOP: Firefly Skywear !!!!! Finally

On my my birthday, I am very happy to say that i just launched my on Skywear design line with Spreadshirt. I spent quite a long time working on both the designs and the ways to make and sell them.  Though I love making my little creations on Lyl Firefly Lantern's shop, I really wanted to make clothes.
Last time I went to the Drop Zone I already mentioned here several times, my friends asked me why I didn't start a clothing line oriented towards Skydivers and more especially women.
Not many of you may know this but Skydiving isn't really a women's sport and the small community of them are either reduced to apply their style to the men or to just look a bit out of place. 
I felt like it shouldn't be like this and as skydivers are pretty cool and laid back people, I went for a fun, cool and laid back style for my clothes.
When I was making all of these plans, I also remembered the amount of kids going around Drop Zones and thought that it would be nice for them to be involved some how. This is where the idea of the Kiwi  Para came from. A little bit of New Zealand, a hint of a closing pin and a cute parachute.
I hope you will head over and get a look at things and maybe even, like something.

FOOD: Leone Candies

I am a big sweet addict and though I can definitely be happy with just having normal, easy to find types of candies at my supermarket. However, I love to roam around the Galeries Lafayette's foreign food section and sweets and grab a few different things.

A while ago I bought my first little pack of these in the vanilla taste and I really liked them very much.

The Pastilles Leone are small sugared candies in many different flavors. They have a special look due to their fabrication which is the same "old" one from the foundation of the company in the Nineteenth century. My personal favourite being the strawberry ones which taste like strawberry marshmallows.

I also got their coffee ones which taste exactly like a cup of sweetened coffee. As I take my coffee black I gave these to my mum who appreciates them.

If you have the chances, do give those candies a try. They are very small and you can just grab a box as you would breath mints and use them as little treats for yourself during the day.

mercredi 28 mai 2014

BEAUTY: Electric Palettes by Urban Decay COLORS!!!!!!

I didn't know for if I was going to get this eye shadow palette when it came out in the US and on blogs. I sincerely thought I was going to take my time... The first time I saw it at my Sephora it went from the stand to my basket before my brain could even say the slightest thing.
And I do not regret it.
This palette comes with ten eye shadows and a purple double ended brush.
The eye shadows feel even more pigmented than the ones from the other Urban Decay palettes. Though I don't have them all, my statement comes from the 15 palettes I do have from them and the single eye shadows. This is very logical because this palette is filled with pressed pigments.
 They feel velvety to the touch and even if I didn't take pictures of swatches of each of them, I can tell you the color you see here are the colors you get.
I just dabbed my finger on these pressed pigments and the color of my finger is the one from the pot.
It also means that you have to be extremely careful with it.

- Revolt is a silver with silver glitter and shimmers.
- Gonzo is a matt turquoise with a pearly shine.
- Slowburn is a red-orange with a shine.
- Savage is a matte hot pink.
- Fringe is a teal with light shimmers.
- Chaos is a bright blue (which reminds me of blue "Klein") with a pearly shine.
- Jilted is a shimmery dark fuchsia.
- Urban is a purple with shimmers.
- Freak is a prairie green with a shine.
- Thrash is a Lime green with a gold shine.
I will mostly wear these colors as subtle touches and fun twists in regular looks but for today, just take a look at what you can do with these colors. 
Depending where you apply for I might not recommend to be made up like this for your interview but for a cool concert, a festival, party or whenever you feel like it and want some fun.

mardi 27 mai 2014

MOVIE NIGHT!: Once Upon A Time In The West

I have watched a fair amount of western movies in my time and this one is so classic that you have to see it. Once Upon a Time in The West has the best of titles because in deed, it is a legend. The story is basically the one of vengeance and getting back at those who did us wrong. The theme is overly used in western movies with more or less good results. But this film has what it takes:
A very beautiful woman who knows what she wants (most of the time).
The rest of the cast is just as perfect and very well picked but I felt like
showing a little feminine consideration here.
Amazing cinematography filled with its share of tension and
And the scenery, like in most western, is wonderful.
This particular scene is breath taking.
You have to see it!

lundi 26 mai 2014

BLOG: On My Pinterest #13

or my way to Meditation and calming down (for the past 8 months)
      As I was seating at my desk today, contemplating how many articles I didn't write this month,
I realized why I hadn't been "finding the time". I overloaded my brain (in the hope that I have one)
 with too many informations.This doesn't mean that I am now more intelligent or
that I solved all of my problems.

Vaux-Le-Vicomte in the snow
   Once again compared to a quantity of other people, I don't happen to have any problems. But there it is, I am not "other" people and whatever problem I feel like I have, I am the only to be able to solve them completely.   Help is always nice but, when it comes to anything which would stress me out (this is how I react to any pressure), I am perfectly capable to know when it happens:

  I cannot read a book, I turn into an hyperactive person and things and people can only get my attention for a very limited period of time.   And then... I saw this picture. It first brought me simpler times, when I was a little girl; following my person without asking too many questions in so many places.Then, the snow calmed my mind.

   I already happened to mention meditation quite many times here and I know they are many type of meditation and often religious meanings behind it. I am not talking about this aspect of it, though I am craving for "emptiness" when it comes to meditation which is very close to perfection in many cultures.
   My emptiness is filled with snow. Even the silence surrounding me during meditation is the same as the one I get when I am alone in a snowy landscape. It is never real silence but you can't hear a thing. And in there, stress flees, anxiety forgets me to leave room for anything else I want to place there.

dimanche 25 mai 2014

BLOG: Why Pilgrimdreamer and Lyl Firefly Lantern?

Let's have a chit chat sunday this time.
Many times I have changed styles, faces, make up.
Many people asked me about it or questionned the need of such a look.
The only person you ever will be is you.
If you are in a changeable mood all of the time
it is only justice that you would change
your appearance accordingly.
This, is actually the reason why I named
myself on my YouTube Channel:
I have some convictions but I am always up
to discover more even if it means imagination wise.
The reason why this Blog, the "shop" I would lie to grow
 and all of my Social networks are called Lyl Firefly Lantern
has a more "rational" explanation (to my understanding).
When I started to create objects, jewelry and things for people,
I always had to do it at night or at least in the late evening
because it came after work and my studies.
I very often worked with one lamp on or even just candles
(because my lamps' bulbs always seem to break).
My window alone was lit at very late or early hours
and it aid me think of a lantern.
And as I quite obviously couldn't be a "busy bee"at night,
I became a firefly.

samedi 24 mai 2014

BEAUTY: Miami & Flamingo by Sephora

It is officially summer in my beauty collection thanks to several items but this year's real definite change in it is the bright pink lips. Last year was my first time being comfortable rocking coral.
Pink is at the same time easier and harder.
Pink very obviously has a girly colour and I wasn't so sure about how I felt wearing it.
In general though, I go for mix and match so I went for it and I don't regret it.
My first pick was Miami from the collection of Lip Jumbo Sticks
by Sephora. This product is easy to layer up which makes it difficult
to mess up your make up, always a plus.
The tint is an almost fluo happy pink (with a hint of coral).
My other jumbo sticks are the ones from Urban Decay and the main
difference except for the colour is the hydration which really isn't the best.
Legit 80's on your lips. That is the best description for this neon pink
called Flamingo. I would recommend priming with lip balm a little bit
before applying this lipstick. As its finish is mat, I loved adding some
gloss on top, in particular, Picnic In The Park by Tanya Burr. 

vendredi 23 mai 2014

READ: Marilyn Monroe's Biographie in French by Olivier Dazat

The fashion & beauty icon who had a big influence on me is Marilyn. It also happens to be the person I have read most about, though it was an easy task seeing that she must be one of the most written about people. 
Lucky enough my favourite one, which also happened to become one of my favorite books is one of her french biography (sorry). But it was concise, interesting and fast.

Whether you already know quite a lot about her or is your want to "get to know her", this book is very good.
But watch out, you might end up liking her just as much as I do.

mercredi 21 mai 2014

Food In Paris: Le Panis

Tonight, I thought about giving you a bistrot that is quite dear to my heart. Honestly, I liked it a tiny bit better before it had been re-done but the service is the same and the food is nice.
Talking about well situated, the Panis at a perfect spot in between Notre Dame and the very nice neighborhood going all the way to the Pantheon and facing the Square Viviani (a beautiful little park with roses and flowers next to a small church.

I have been going there many times in the past 5 years and I have to say that I enjoyed both the food and the service. As you will have noticed from my previous "Food in Paris", I tend to go for small places with a good feel to them and affordable prices, in general, and simple food.

That is what you get at Le Panis. Good food, not especially excitingly different for your mouth but good and which you can taste the elements of the dish. I would not particularly recommend their patisseries and desserts as I have noticed that they were either good or just ok depending on the day I went there.

Simple food is the only way to know if a place is right or not. However places with one single menu tend to get on my nerves. The food can be good but often, choice can be nice. Not too much choice though, otherwise, you get lost in the maze of a menu which is already difficult to understand as it is.

21 Quai de Montebello
75005 Paris

mardi 20 mai 2014

BLOG: Organisation & Skywear

   To be honest with you, I really feel bad about how many times I let down my blog lately. I am quite aware I don't have many readers, however, it is part of my life "hygiene" to blog everyday. Just like taking a shower, anyone should Have to find 15 minutes of calm during which he or she can type in a few words.

  What I mentioned in the video a week or so ago, I am currently trying to see how I could have some skywear (skydive oriented clothing) on the go and I can tell you it is asking for quite a lot of time and effort. Obviously right now, though I have done most part if not all of the creative job, here comes the not so fun job: marketing.

  I am an artistic person. This quite obviously doesn't mean that I am an artist per say but it means that technicality for anything makes me tired and annoyed. I have never been worse than after these long hours trying to work out what works best for which ever ongoing project.

dimanche 18 mai 2014

FASHION: Playsuits Selection

When I was a little girl, I used to love overalls It isn't that I looked good in them but mainly that I felt quite comfy and free in them. You can do anything when you are wearing this type of clothes.You can dare more things when you are wearing this type of garments.

When Playsuits and Jumpsuits come back in style this season, this fun and practical sense came back. Here I just went around Boohoo, New Look, H&M and Forever 21 to get back here with a nice selection of fun ones: shorts, pants, dress-like versions but all are playsuits. An outfit in one piece of clothing.
When you think about it , it also is very economical. 

From New Look, I found some for any occasions.
Some are fun like the short tribal playsuit et some
you could go to work in
like the polka dot full long one.
Overall these two are my favourites but quite obviously
 it is because I love my colors.
Those are from Yoohoo.

BLOG: In between Notre Dame and the Chatelet

Yep, indeed today again is a series of pictures I took 
while walking through Paris in between Notre Dame & Châtelet.
Though I feel like she doesn't call for any introduction
but this is Notre Dame and the exhibition 
The place Saint Michel
The armors protecting the Prefecture de Police from Paris.
And a little Bateau Mouche under the bridge next to
Notre-Dame parvis.
One of these flats in Paris,
squeezed in between other ones
but still standing out.
The Tour de l'Horloge.
And then there is La Seine.
The place du Châtelet.

vendredi 16 mai 2014

FRENCH: Trop simple

Regarder le temps passer
Et dans les yeux des autres
Par moment égaré 
Il bu la simplicité.

On aurait vu souvent
Le ronflement familier
De ce qui ressemble
A la facilité.

Comme la lumière
Naturel du réverbère
Il perdu son éclat
Il y a des années de cela.

Rien de nouveau
Rien de brillant
Rien qui ouvrirait
Trop de coeurs haletants,

Trop de mots 
Peu d'idées
Affinant un vers
Qui ne fait qu'irriter.

Perdu dans des lettres
Pourtant "inalphabête"
Pauvreté de celui
Qui n'a que l'anaphore

Qu'il ne croit pas écrire
mais qu'il y préfère lire.


jeudi 15 mai 2014

BLOG: At the Jardin Des Plantes et La Durée

Here are some of the colors and flowers I saw yesterday, 
at the Jardin des Plantes
while strolling with my best friend.

And then we walked all the way back to Saint Germain des Prés,
to take the nicest of infusions and patisseries
at La Durée.