mercredi 30 avril 2014

READ: Librivox

Roaming around all of the several social networks, I heard and saw quite a lot about a "listening" application which read books for you: Audible.
Obviously, following my first instinct, I fast became against it. I feel like the real experience of reading a book comes from the quite simple act of reading.
 However, I decided to "investigate". Though I enjoy my new books, I tend to think many classics are new to me all the same and I wouldn't mind having these read to me.
When Audible is an application you need to pay for and log onto, Librivox is a free application with recordings of works of the public domaine. Every single chapter is really defined by a message from the reader  with hie or her name and the reminder if the free aspect of the work they are reading out loud.
For a long time, I have been listening to the books online directly but I just took a trip for around 5 hours so I used the downloading option and i loved it.Time does fly when you are listening to classics.

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