mardi 22 avril 2014


Do you enjoy music?
I know I do and though the people who know me would tell you I am a tad old school when it comes to knowledge, I can tell you that I am also a very common young lady.
My favourite music overall whilst still being very found of of many artists, is Mozart's. His melodies resonate. One movement, one melody being echoed and made bigger and bigger or more and more complicated and you have the most classical of classical music.
Many think that Beethoven is too grandiloquent and Bach too dreary. I think they might just be more "difficult". But, what makes Mozart so special is that his music, at least many of his melodies speak to any human being. We couldn't count how many kids, toddlers even, hum "Twinkle Twinkle" before they even speak.
With Amadeus, we learn more about a man behind a myth but the genius is left untouched. If anything, the soundtrack of this motion picture is amazing and a phenomenal overview of all the successes of the maestro.

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