mercredi 16 avril 2014

MOVIE NIGHT!: 3 Days To Kill

So what about Amber?
The first thing two of my friends told me when I said I saw the movie, which none of them had seen, was "so Amber?!" and to be honest, I really enjoy seeing beautiful women on screen but I found her more attractive with her "normal" hair and make up at the very start of the film.
...But yes, if you are into sexy Bond girls, check this movie out, she and her outfits are quite something.

I went to see this movie couple of weeks ago. 
I didn't have any expectations and to be honest I didn't even pay much attention to the trailer...
Well, I like to have a good time at the cinemas and I really did.

Let's just say an old agent kills people again, under the orders of a very sexy looking woman, and bounds with his teenage daughter.

THAT is the movie pitch. But it does not make it a bad movie, far from it.
The secondary characters are nicely done and allow very funny scenes in the middle of the scenery which,without being dramatic has its sad moments.

To me, it is a well done action movie with the Luc Besson (Nikita, The Professional) vibe.
The relationship father/daughter is the "different" element but otherwise,
sexy girls, big guns, lots of killing, bad guys out of a James Bond movie, funny sidekicks (especially a cars dealer) and Kevin Costner:
I was happy after watching the movie that day.

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