mardi 8 avril 2014

HOME: Tea Party in Pilgrimdreamer Land

Hey everyone, somedays, you just treat yourself
to something pretty and very cute and feminine.
That is what it is: a huge present from myself
to myself and I hope you will like this as much as I love them.
The loveliest teapot. It reminds me
of Miss Samovar in the Beauty and The Beast.
I still do like my metallic teapot but, with time,
it is giving an iron taste to the tea and
I do not really enjoy it much.
A cute little sugar bowl is always good,
especially when you only have a little glass pot
with a plastic top.
And this item, my boyfriend really enjoys as well.
It is a beautiful piece and 
This cup, for some reason reminds me, of Marie-Antoinette
and pretty things. It is one object, just like any of those
I am showing you today, that makes me happy to use.
Though I am quite certain the boyfriend won't ever
drink in one of these anytime soon, I got two of these
and a green one made sense and this way I can mix and match the
way they do at La Durée.
When I lived with my parents, the piece of crockery that was fun and fancy
were the desert plates and for some reason I always got excited each time
we were able to eat in them. Therefore I was very happy to find a little plate
following the theme of my tea set.

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