dimanche 20 avril 2014

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Today, I am sot of giving you a review of my latest office "change".
I am an old school type of person. if it wasn't for other people in my life, I would probably write this blog on a typewriter. And yes, I do know this might sound extremely paradoxal. 

What I mean by that is that I am really not up for change. I am not reluctant to it and when it is need it, I am completely for it but when it comes to my working tools and set up, I like to rely on things. However, my old 9 year old I Mac, which by the way still turns on, was starting to be a tad useless. Updating it became very tedious lately and it cannot download or upload anything anymore... 
If you are even remotely interested in computers, you will understand that , this, is not per say a good thing.
So I have been thinking of getting a new desk computer which , by the way also shows how "old school" I am once more. I feel like today's thing is laptops and I understand completely. I also have a laptop that I can carry around everywhere I lay my head but once i am home, writing an article a day, editing 3 videos a week and putting items up on the shops, a desktop computer is very comfortable and practical. 

My new baby is Samsung ATIV One 5 Style. To be honest, I love this computer except that I am more of a Macintosh girl so it is a little adaptation for the Windows 8 and entire windows system to be honest because the last system i have been using was Windows 98 when I was studying engineering. 
I highly recommend it and I also think it looks very cool.

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