vendredi 18 avril 2014

HEALTH & BEAUTY: How to go through the day after a bad night.

   Last night, was pretty bad. Forgetting to go to bed because you play a game or read a book too good to put down is one thing. It is a complete other problem when you simply can't seem to fall asleep.

   The thing about the two first "issues" is that you can still stay in bed a little longer. The quality of your sleep won't be change if you stay in bed. Personally, when going to bed last night, I was truly exhausted. My eyes were crying, i started to get a small fever and the blood was pounding at my temples. To answer any interrogations, No, I am not currently sick otherwise.

   We all have a lot on our minds. Sometimes it has to do with our future (when you are young), the stability of our situation (once a grown up) and the security within our situation (closer to retirement). Basically we all have important things on our minds. However, when you tend to have many difficult nights, they start to just be due to your brain not being willing to shut down.

This particular night was one of those.

   Personally, I find it quite helpful to follow basic little "rules" when my sleep is playing tricks on me which help me going about my day a tad better.

   On those nights, do not forget to apply both serum, eye cream and night cream. You will most certainly won't look your best when getting up so let's try to put something on your side.
   The feeling can be the one of a very bad hangover/ drunk moment (yes, that is how better it can feel, and it also will probably during the night and the next day).Your body aches and your brain does too which is not the nicest combo on earth.
   Do the same in the morning skincare wise but I personally would either avoid make up entirely or limit it to the bare minimum, so that you can put your hands on your face or eyes. I know ladies don't do that but I am not sure what becomes of these manners within sleep depravation.

   Food wise try to keep it light without forget slow sugars which will help your brain throughout this "long "day to come. And load up on vitamin C, it can only help. Keep your activity basic and work as well as you can in regard to your condition. Doing a great job is one thing, but if you haven't slept (for those same reasons I am talking about), doing a good might do for today.

   Once again, I am not a professional and sleep is very important. If you feel terrible and you have no answers, do talk to your doctor about it because though many thing influence you; without sleep, you literally can't do anything.

Hope my little tips will help some of you and I also hope many of you have good nights of sleep.

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